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Guide to Brewing Malts, Grains, and Sugars


Brewer's Lair has (finally) added a new section dedicated to malts, grains, and sugars. Learn about the different types of malts, grains, and sugars that you can use to provide the desired color, strength, and flavor to your beer. Included is guidance for the typical amounts required as part of your beer's grist, and guidance on which to use to make specific beer styles. This new section is intended to help you to better understand your fermentables choices when designing your next beer. As with our other ingredient guides, we plan to continue to grow this section over time. So, check back with us later if you don't find what you need now.

Check out our new guide to brewing malts, grains, and sugars in the Lair Brewhouse.

Guide to Brewing Malts, Grains, and Sugars