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You may have noticed the older, robust woman in the upper-left corner, carefully mixing her own homebrew. You might even have spotted her popping around in other places on our site, getting into things here and there. Thatís not unusual. Thatís Mother Brewer. She likes buzzing around the beer scene; sheís been around it for a while. Itís not polite to say for how long exactly, but we know that in the Beginning, and for thousands of years, men grew the barley but women brewed the beer. Every household needed its own supply, so women counted brewing among their routine tasks. Only in Europeís Middle Ages did beer go big, becoming a large-scale commercial activity that would fall under the trade guilds of men.

But we like to go back to our beerís roots, keeping in mind what itís really all about. For us, this wizened caretaker devoted to her craft embodies the independence, creativity and passion of the brewing pursuit and the quality, reliability and integrity of Brewerís Lair. Sheís what itís all about, because sheís all about the beer.

Our Logo