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Our Philosophy

It began as a fascination. We were fascinated that a single beverage, with so few ingredients, could have so many flavors, colors and range of effects on one's dancing ability.

It continues through a spirit of independence. We feel limited by the generic choices we see in the bulk of mass marketing. We want to enjoy an array of well-crafted brews. We want to enjoy the beer that we like - and respect.

It flourishes with creativity. We marvel at how the results of beer-making are as varied as the people mixing the brew.

It thrives on passion. We believe beer is not just something to slurp while tossing a softball. We believe it is history's finest beverage, the perfect drink, something to savor with cheerful appreciation.

It lives as a Web site at that celebrates beer as a community experience. Here we share our fascination, our independent spirit, our creativity, and our passion for beer with everyone who feels the same as we do.

Our Philosophy