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Beer Basics

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Märzen / Oktoberfest

Style Snapshot

A malty lager that can range from light to pale amber in color, is medium-bodied, and is moderately high in alcohol content. The maltiness, while influential, is always controlled.

The Märzen / Oktoberfest style is similar to the Vienna Lager style but is is slightly darker and stronger.


Marzen is German for the word 'March', and to be a true Marzen the beer has to be brewed in March. Historically beers brewed in spring were intended for long-term lagering or storage. This ensured their availability during the warm summer months until the last stock was exhausted in late September or early October at traditional seasonal celebrations. The etymology of the word 'Oktoberfest' is therefore hopefully self-evident to the non-German reader. Gabriel Sedlmyer, of the Spaten Brewery in Munich, is credited with adapting the Vienna Lager style for production in Munich using the local water's unique properties. Thus the modern Marzen / Oktoberfest was born.

Style Parameters

Original Gravity (OG):

1.050 - 1.062

Final Gravity (FG):

1.012 - 1.018

Strength (ABV):

4.8 - 6.3

Bitterness (IBU):

19 - 28

Color (SRM):

6 - 14

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Serving This Style

Suggested serving temperature: 42 - 48 F

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Märzen / Oktoberfest