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Beer Basics

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India Pale Ale

Style Snapshot

This fruity, hoppy ale ranges from light to pale amber in color, is medium-bodied, is moderate to high in strength, and has a prominent hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor.

The India Pale Ale style is traditionally brewed to a higher gravity and hop rate than the Pale Ale style to which it is related.


This style has its origins in the British colonial period, when it was made in England for export to the troops and civil servants in India. Because of the long sea voyage over rolling seas, the fermentation was kept going during the trip and the beer arrived in India highly attenuated. The high hopping rates evolved to help preserve the beer during its long journey, which often fouled drinking water. In reviewing historical records for the amount of hops used by weight, keep in mind that alpha acid levels in hops at that time were not as high as some of those in use today. Modern American interpretations of this style are among the hoppiest today.

Style Parameters

Original Gravity (OG):

1.053 - 1.072

Final Gravity (FG):

1.012 - 1.017

Strength (ABV):

5.2 - 7.5

Bitterness (IBU):

37 - 60

Color (SRM):

7 - 15

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Serving This Style

Suggested serving temperature: 44 - 52 F

Examples to Try

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