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Beer Basics

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Beer and Food

Once you become aware of the range of beer flavors and aromas available, matching these various beer styles with food is your logical next step. Your grape-admiring friends no doubt talk about rules for pairing white and red wine with dishes. While beer offers considerably more flexibility than wine, you can make use of some parallels to guide you. Consider pale lagers and light ales to be comparable to white wine in that they are light in color, clean in flavor, and a good complement to foods with delicate flavors. In contrast, darker lagers and ales can be thought of as comparable to red wines with a richer, more robust aroma and flavor profile suitable to stand up to foods with stronger flavors.

Consider our pairing suggestions for various world cuisines and dishes, and decide what beer to offer with the menu you are planning. For guidelines on beer serving temperature and glassware, see our separate sections dedicated to these topics. Lastly, keep in mind that there are few wrong answers, but finding your own favorite beer-food combinations is a journey worth taking.

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Beer and Food