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Beer and Food: Asian

By Asian cuisine, we refer to a wide region that includes East Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia (e.g. Thailand and Vietnam), and South Asia (e.g. Indian subcontinent). Yes, this is a vast geographic area with many regional styles of cooking, but there are some general characteristics to help guide your beer selection. In general, Asian food employs sauces that try to create a balanced impact on the sweet, sour, and salty parts of the palate. Also, meat is usually less featured than in Western cuisine. India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia are known for their curry dishes, encompassing vegetarian seafood and meat dishes ranging from mild light yellow, to the more pungent green, to the very hot red curry flavors. The sweet, sour, salty dishes are more indigenous to China and Japan.

For the curry dishes, we recommend light, refreshing beers that do not cover up the spice and provide a smooth cleaning and cooling of the palate. For the lighter, less pungent dishes a more robust flavored beer might be a good choice to compliment the subtle flavor of the sweet and sour dishes.

For these dishes...

Try these styles...

Indian curry dishes

Pale Lager

Thai cuisine

Wheat Beer

Vegetable dishes with fish sauce

Pale Lager

Beer and Food: Asian