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Beer Basics

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Serving Beer: The Pour

The essential start to the pour is opening the bottle, which should make the sound of a satisfying whoosh of gas. This is the signal that the beer has successfully carbonated. Excessive foaming at this point could be a symptom of several brewing problems to be addressed by the homebrewer.

Start the pour by tilting the glass, and then pick your aim point for the pour. For a frothy head, aim the pour at the bottom of the glass, especially for pilseners and wheat beers. This will release the beer’s hop and malt aromas. For a smaller head, and to retain hop bitterness for the finish, aim the pour at the side of the glass. This pour is especially appropriate for pale ales and stouts.

Pour the beer steadily, with the level of aggression proportional to the amount of head you wish to have. Slow the pour as the beer level in the glass rises.

Stop the pour when the head reaches the top of the glass, or when the sediment level inside the bottle is reached.

Serving Beer: The Pour